2014 Resolutions

Hey folks! It is the new year! Let’s look back at the resolutions I made last year and see how I did.

1. Write at least one poem a month. No slacking off this year.
I wrote 7 poems this year, five short from my goal. I knew I wasn’t going to accomplish this one when I went 3 months without writing something. This year wasn’t a good one for poems. I think I’m becoming more picky or something. Before, I posted everything I wrote. Now, I fear sounding redundant. 

2. Go on more adventures. Let my spontaneity rule over reason every once in awhile. Live.
Michael and I went to Portland this summer for our 4 year anniversary! We stayed in a hotel and spend the weekend there, discovering the city. To be fair, I had been there recently and was dragging Michael around to restaurants and such that I thought he’d enjoy. Regardless, it was a lot of fun to be someplace new with him. We also went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving, thanks to his family. I think that trip really embodied what I meant by being spontaneous. Gambling real life money was risky but thrilling. Vegas isn’t my cup of tea, at the end of the day, but it was awesome to let loose. I just wish I had been more spontaneous through out the year, in general. I’ll call this a “sort of” in terms of sticking to it.

3. Read 5 new books this year. Or 10. Or 20. Just read more!
I only read, cover to cover, 3 new books this year. At least, 3 that I can remember. Unless you count comic books/graphic novels. I really got into some great stories via comic books. The three novels I read this year were “How Not to Write a Novel” by Howard Mittelmark (I highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking of publishing a novel someday), Anasi Boys by Neil Gaiman, and Neverwhere also by Neil Gaiman. I also read the new X Men comics, Captain Marvel (a la Carol Danvers), and some old school Zatanna to name a few. I didn’t have as much free time to read as I would have liked. Or maybe I just didn’t make the time. 

4. Expand my cooking knowledge
I think I did this justice this year! I’ve been cooking a lot more since I started living with Michael. Before, I would go without meals because I was so busy or settle for cereal for dinner. But with someone else to feed, it’s hard to cut corners without feeling a little guilty. Michael’s instagram can attest to the new,good eats that I made this year!

5. Be brave.
Nope. But I don’t really feel bad about this one. It’ll happen for me when it’s supposed to happen for me. 


As far as new resolutions go, I haven’t given it much though. For some reason, this year has a good feel to it. I awoke on January 1st with a good taste in my mouth (and that’s saying something, considering all the whiskey I drank.) 2014 just feels so right. It might be because I graduate college in May. It might be because it’s the Chinese year of the Horse (or will be, once Chinese New Year rolls around) and I was born on the last day of the year of the Horse. Or the first day of the year of the Ram. Depends on what book or website you’re looking at.

Or maybe it’s something else. I can’t really tell. I’m just grateful and ready and willing to let this be the best year yet. So as far as resolutions go, here’s what I got. Off the top of my head.

1. Love yourself.
It’s going to make your life so much easier. I know it’s hard but it’s not impossible. It might help if you…

2. Take better care of yourself.
This is the only body and the only life you get. Enjoy good food, go for walks, laugh more, breathe. Do more yoga. Ride your bike to the library every so often. It’s exercise and a new book to read. What’s not to love?!

3. Write more.
I know I do this one a lot. I feel like fear has stopped my pen this last year. Writing every down. Even if it sounds silly in the moment, even if it doesn’t make any sense, even if you’ve written something similar before don’t reject any ideas. Read more books, get inspired!

4. Throw things away.
This year will be a year of new beginnings. Moving on to a new stage of life will be much easier with less baggage. Recycle old school work. Throw away things that no longer have a use. Give away things that other people may want or need. Clutter has always felt comfortable but let’s cut it down to only the things that you really need in life, the things that make you happy. Everything else can go.

5. Get some sewing projects done!
I have a new sewing machine and thread and needles and instructive books. There’s no excuse. The next step is to find the time to start! I hope to get at least 5 projects done this year. I hope one of those is a costume that I can wear to Emerald City Comicon. 🙂

That’s it folks. Let me know what you think, if you want. Cheers! And a Happy New Year!



Whining. Wait no. Stop that. Ugh.

I had my last viola lesson with my teacher yesterday. It made me kind of sad. Yes, I usually dreaded going to lessons because I never really felt prepared for her honesty. But I’ve grown so much as a player because of those lessons. It just felt weird, is all. The end of my college career is in sight and that makes me feel very weird. It was bizarre enough to not have real classes this semester (for the first time since kindergarten).

I’m figuring out my student teaching situation at the moment. I have a placement, thank goodness, and she’s the teacher I requested specifically. There are just a few details to sort out concerning transportation and important dates and such. I’m so excited! This is what I’ve been looking forward to for so many years! I didn’t get the same awesome Practicum experience as my peers because my teacher up and left. I had to get my hours by tagging along with someone else which meant I was more of an observer than anything else. I helped here and there. It’s just frustrating to see my younger peers having a great practicum experience and seeing the same kids every time and getting signed thank you cards, etc, when I didn’t get anything close to that. This spring, though, will definitely make up for it!

December graduation is tomorrow. This is when I should have graduated if it wasn’t for my first failed jury. It’ll be hard to see my peers graduate but I want to be there to support them. Besides, I haven’t heard much from them so I don’t really feel as connected to them as I once did. Gina and Geoff are still part of my life and two of my best friends. But the others…I dunno. They’re still my friends but I feel like the outcast. I fell from their ranks but I didn’t join anyone else’s.

I feel like I’m whining a lot today. Let’s stop that.

Things in general are going well. I think I got the whole choral ensemble requirement figured out. I’m not 100% sure though. I went to the rest of the rehearsals and performances for this semester so hopefully that helps my case. I’ve had the free time to read and to write and to bake and all sorts of stuff. It’s wonderful. I just wish I could figure out a way to fund my hobbies. I haven’t done any other sewing projects because I haven’t had the money to. Job searching has become kind of pointless since I don’t know what hours I’ll be available in January and once student teaching starts I won’t be available at all. Thankfully I still have the private lessons that I teach. And I’m real good at saving money. So I’m not too worried. I know Michael is.

Christmas is coming up fast. I’m so excited for Michael to open the presents I got him! He’s going to love them! And I have no idea what he got me. He always thinks that he’s bad at presents and at surprises but I’ve never thought that. Most times I’m completely surprised by what he gets me! And they’re always good choices. I, on the other hand, am the worst at presents. I’m not good at surprising people. I think one of Michael’s will be a pleasant surprise but that’s it. Also, I suck at wrapping presents. I’m seriously the worst.

Damn it, I said I was going to stop whining.

Anyways, the year is almost over but I don’t feel like I’m done everything I’ve wanted to do this year. Let’s hope I can manage to get those things checked off before it’s too late!


It’s been awhile!

So much has happened since I’ve written on this blog. Let’s recap:

  • I passed my jury!!!!!!!!!
  • I sewed an apron! It’s kind of sloppy looking so I’ll spare you the horror of looking at it
  • Pokemon X/Y came out so that’s all I was doing for a LONG time
  • I had my recital Nov. 10 🙂 It went so well. Everyone that mattered was there and I got to give my teacher flowers and a hug and tell her how much I appreciate her. (Also, my mom almost cried apparently)

Last night was my last orchestra concert at PLU until I join them for January tour! We’re going to California this time. I feel a little silly being the only one who was at PLU for the Alaska trip back in January 2010. Makes me feel old. Oh well. For now the only things stressing me out are 1) Finding another job and 2) figuring out my graduation requirements. Job hunting is hard at this time of the year when you aren’t going to be around for Black Friday. Which, apparently, is starting the evening of Thanksgiving at some places. At this rate, it’ll turn into Black Weekend by 2020. I detest the whole thing! So American. So selfish. I understand the deals are great but people have died during the chaos of this stupid “holiday.” Ugh. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, is so choice.

So, I won’t be around for Black Friday because Michael’s mom is bringing the family to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving! I’m kind of nervous. I’ve never been to Vegas before. I don’t want to lose a shit ton of money. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to have fun. I want to be safe. I want to have a Vegas experience. Etc. Michael will keep me in check, thank goodness. And it’ll be nice to be on vacation. God know I deserve one.

Grad requirements. I’ve applied to graduate but it seems that there was a Choral Ensemble requirement on my program contract and I never took choir. Because I was told I didn’t have to. And my peers that signed the same contract and that are graduating in December didn’t have to take it. So why should I have to? If only it were that simple. I went to Chapel Choir rehearsal yesterday because my adviser wants it to seem like we’re at least trying to fulfill the requirement. I can’t exactly do it next semester, though, since I’ll be student teaching. I’ve already taken 2 Choral related classes. As a music education major with an orchestral focus, I find it a little silly that I only took 4 orchestra specific classes and I’m expected to take 3 choral classes. How does one more string class (and my main instrument being viola) justify and “Orchestra Focus”?

Anyways. I’m done blabbing for now. My friend Rachel is coming to visit today until Friday and I have to make sure the bathroom isn’t disgusting!


Life Updates and a New Sewing Machine!

Hello all!
My recital jury is in 10 days. I actually feel pretty okay about it. The only thing that is kinda nerve-wrecking is that I’ll only have one rehearsal with my accompanist before the fact. She’s great at what she does, I just hope it’s enough! I’m meeting with her tomorrow. On Thursday, I’m meeting with the music education professor to make sure my student teaching plan is still intact. The previous professor who set everything up is not here this year so I want to make sure everything is going smoothly for me in that aspect of life.

The last week or so has been kind of rough. It’s been on again off again sadness, self loathing, and anxiety due to my incoming recital jury. Today, for example, I’m feeling pretty confident in myself. A couple days ago I was sobbing for half an hour because of all the pressure I’m under. It depends on the day, I guess. I just feel bad for Michael because he must be so confused by my mood swings lately. They’re hard to explain.
The thought that keeps me hopeful and happy and motivated is that once I pass this recital jury (and I will), a burden will be off of my shoulders. Yeah, I’ll have to put on a recital but that will be a welcome challenge for my stage fright. Honestly, passing my recital jury will make my life so much brighter. I cannot wait to kick some ass.

Otherwise, I recently purchased a sewing machine! The one that got passed down to me just wasn’t working. I want to learn how to sew and I can’t do that if the machine isn’t working. I went on Overstock’s website and found a “refurbished” Brother sewing machine. “Refurbished” can mean anything from it was broken and fixed to be resold or it was simply sent back after not being touched. Thankfully, I got the latter. It cost me about $65 and it was practically brand new. All the parts were in place and all the blue tape you see on electronics were still there; who ever had this before me barely touched it. There was no way they attempted to use it so I got a new machine for a refurbished price! Woohoo!

I threaded the machine and was super stoked to get ready. I grabbed some scrap clothe from the pile my mom gave to me and decided to just try and sew a straight line.


Look! I did it! I was so happy, finally I managed to do something simple without the machine fighting back!

My cheery mood must have jinxed it though. When I tried to do it again on same fabric, the bottom thread from the bobbin got all bunched up and jammed! 😦 What happened? Here’s what the under side of the fabric looked like after I managed to get it out from under the pressure foot:


I posted a couple pictures (including this one) on a subreddit for sewing help. We’ll see if I get any answers. I’m really bummed! Everything was going so well and then it just stopped. My manual was very helpful, either. I put the bobbin in correctly so it must be something with the type of thread I’m using? Or the tension? I dunno, but I hope I figure it out soon. I want to make stuff already!

Anyways, that’s all for now. I’ll let you guys know when I get this sewing thing figured out. Don’t be shy, leave a comment! Say hello! 🙂

Til next time,


EDIT: A wonderful person on reddit helped me out with my sewing problem! So far everything is working the way it’s supposed to again! Now I need to get to the store and buy a simple pattern to try this stuff out! 😀 I’m so pumped!

Moved In and Other Things

Michael and I are all moved into our new place! It’s so refreshing to have a space that’s 100% ours. I feel a certain freedom that I haven’t felt in years. I dunno what to call it, really. We love it. With every nerdy poster and plush placement, we feel more and more at home.

We’ve had a little free time so Michael and I decided to dedicate our time to doing a little bit of writing. Together! We’re both so different when it comes to writing but we’ve been wanting to collaborate for awhile now. We found an empty composition notebook and have dedicated it to ideas, drafts, and stories that we write together. We’ve already managed to write one so far. It’s a little sad (I may have teared up writing it) but you should check it out over at http://thebirdandthefish.wordpress.com/

Something that has been on my mind lately, especially since my last entry, has been cosplay. I’m so anxious to get started and contribute to my fandoms in this way, I just have to make sure that it doesn’t distract from school and other financial responsibilities. I’m trying to keep the costumes simple, for now, for a couple of reason. Financial reasons, like I just mentioned, but also I’m still struggling with my sewing machine. She’s old (yes she.) I’m hoping my mom can stop by soon and help me figure out the quirks of this machine because I feel like I’m doing everything right and it’s still not working. 😦

I’m also wondering if I should have a separate place to post about cosplay stuff or if it should mingle here on this site with my other rantings and ravings? I think for now I’ll keep it here but if it gets to a point where that’s the only thing I’m posting I’ll move that stuff to a different blog. I just already have a LOT of blogs to keep track of. I have three on wordpress alone (unless you count my temporary travel blog. Then I have 4.)  What do you guys think? I never hear from you, but I know you’re there. 😉

Anyways. School officially starts tomorrow I think. I only have my senior capstone so it’s hard to keep track.

Oh! Before I forget, Michael and I managed to make it to one day of PAX here in Seattle. We got Saturday tickets very last minute from a sister of a friend. We had a lot of fun! It was intimidating and difficult to soak it all in in one day but we managed to have fun and see as much as possible. My favorite part was getting a picture with a pretty well known Joker cosplayer


Yeah. I met him. What a nice guy, so modest! I was also wearing my Harley Quinn shirt which made the moment perfect! I’m just glad Michael was there to snap the photo.  🙂

I’m going to try and go to Rose City Comic Con with my friend Rachel. We haven’t bought tickets yet since the last few months have been rough. Hopefully there are Saturday tickets left.

Until later,