Michael and I are all moved into our new place! It’s so refreshing to have a space that’s 100% ours. I feel a certain freedom that I haven’t felt in years. I dunno what to call it, really. We love it. With every nerdy poster and plush placement, we feel more and more at home.

We’ve had a little free time so Michael and I decided to dedicate our time to doing a little bit of writing. Together! We’re both so different when it comes to writing but we’ve been wanting to collaborate for awhile now. We found an empty composition notebook and have dedicated it to ideas, drafts, and stories that we write together. We’ve already managed to write one so far. It’s a little sad (I may have teared up writing it) but you should check it out over at http://thebirdandthefish.wordpress.com/

Something that has been on my mind lately, especially since my last entry, has been cosplay. I’m so anxious to get started and contribute to my fandoms in this way, I just have to make sure that it doesn’t distract from school and other financial responsibilities. I’m trying to keep the costumes simple, for now, for a couple of reason. Financial reasons, like I just mentioned, but also I’m still struggling with my sewing machine. She’s old (yes she.) I’m hoping my mom can stop by soon and help me figure out the quirks of this machine because I feel like I’m doing everything right and it’s still not working. 😦

I’m also wondering if I should have a separate place to post about cosplay stuff or if it should mingle here on this site with my other rantings and ravings? I think for now I’ll keep it here but if it gets to a point where that’s the only thing I’m posting I’ll move that stuff to a different blog. I just already have a LOT of blogs to keep track of. I have three on wordpress alone (unless you count my temporary travel blog. Then I have 4.)  What do you guys think? I never hear from you, but I know you’re there. 😉

Anyways. School officially starts tomorrow I think. I only have my senior capstone so it’s hard to keep track.

Oh! Before I forget, Michael and I managed to make it to one day of PAX here in Seattle. We got Saturday tickets very last minute from a sister of a friend. We had a lot of fun! It was intimidating and difficult to soak it all in in one day but we managed to have fun and see as much as possible. My favorite part was getting a picture with a pretty well known Joker cosplayer


Yeah. I met him. What a nice guy, so modest! I was also wearing my Harley Quinn shirt which made the moment perfect! I’m just glad Michael was there to snap the photo.  🙂

I’m going to try and go to Rose City Comic Con with my friend Rachel. We haven’t bought tickets yet since the last few months have been rough. Hopefully there are Saturday tickets left.

Until later,



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Christine-ism: The belief that you need to be thankful for what you have. But still strive for more. The belief that failure isn't a roadblock it's just an obstacle. The belief that sometimes words can't help but a smile can. The belief that only you know who you truly are but that shouldn't stop you from sharing your feelings. The belief that the chance of me changing the world may be slim but I still aim for it

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