So much has happened since I’ve written on this blog. Let’s recap:

  • I passed my jury!!!!!!!!!
  • I sewed an apron! It’s kind of sloppy looking so I’ll spare you the horror of looking at it
  • Pokemon X/Y came out so that’s all I was doing for a LONG time
  • I had my recital Nov. 10 🙂 It went so well. Everyone that mattered was there and I got to give my teacher flowers and a hug and tell her how much I appreciate her. (Also, my mom almost cried apparently)

Last night was my last orchestra concert at PLU until I join them for January tour! We’re going to California this time. I feel a little silly being the only one who was at PLU for the Alaska trip back in January 2010. Makes me feel old. Oh well. For now the only things stressing me out are 1) Finding another job and 2) figuring out my graduation requirements. Job hunting is hard at this time of the year when you aren’t going to be around for Black Friday. Which, apparently, is starting the evening of Thanksgiving at some places. At this rate, it’ll turn into Black Weekend by 2020. I detest the whole thing! So American. So selfish. I understand the deals are great but people have died during the chaos of this stupid “holiday.” Ugh. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, is so choice.

So, I won’t be around for Black Friday because Michael’s mom is bringing the family to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving! I’m kind of nervous. I’ve never been to Vegas before. I don’t want to lose a shit ton of money. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to have fun. I want to be safe. I want to have a Vegas experience. Etc. Michael will keep me in check, thank goodness. And it’ll be nice to be on vacation. God know I deserve one.

Grad requirements. I’ve applied to graduate but it seems that there was a Choral Ensemble requirement on my program contract and I never took choir. Because I was told I didn’t have to. And my peers that signed the same contract and that are graduating in December didn’t have to take it. So why should I have to? If only it were that simple. I went to Chapel Choir rehearsal yesterday because my adviser wants it to seem like we’re at least trying to fulfill the requirement. I can’t exactly do it next semester, though, since I’ll be student teaching. I’ve already taken 2 Choral related classes. As a music education major with an orchestral focus, I find it a little silly that I only took 4 orchestra specific classes and I’m expected to take 3 choral classes. How does one more string class (and my main instrument being viola) justify and “Orchestra Focus”?

Anyways. I’m done blabbing for now. My friend Rachel is coming to visit today until Friday and I have to make sure the bathroom isn’t disgusting!



About findingherforte

Christine-ism: The belief that you need to be thankful for what you have. But still strive for more. The belief that failure isn't a roadblock it's just an obstacle. The belief that sometimes words can't help but a smile can. The belief that only you know who you truly are but that shouldn't stop you from sharing your feelings. The belief that the chance of me changing the world may be slim but I still aim for it

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