Apartment Search and New Hobbies

With my lease ending in about a month, Michael and I have set out to find a new place to live. It’s both exciting and stressful to search for a place where it will be just us for the first time. The stressful part, obviously, revolves around finances and the logistics of moving all of our crap from one place to the other. We applied to a place a couple of days ago, actually, and if we get accepted it’ll only be about 30 blocks south. We probably won’t have my cat until after Thanksgiving (so I can actually save up for the deposit, eek!) but it’ll be nice to have him again, eventually!

As far as exciting things go, the list could go on forever! It’ll be nice to have the entire space to ourselves and not have to worry about roommates. All in all, that by itself will make for a more relaxing home life. The entire fridge space, the cupboard space, the living room, the bathroom, and the bedroom, etc. Every inch will be ours. I cannot WAIT to decorate and fill our space! I sense an IKEA trip in the near future. 🙂

Michael has been busier than me this summer. I’ve been practicing and teaching but he’s had bachelor parties to attend (multiple friends are getting married this summer) and father-son vacation time. During those times I’ve had to occupy myself with hours of television shows and video games. An idle mind, especially mine, can be inspired to such great things! During the times he was gone I became so motivated to be creative and make things with my hands. It was a weird feeling, but I went with it. So recently I’ve decided to get into…

I’ve been wanting to do cosplay for a really long time, I just hadn’t. I’ve been too busy or wasn’t inspired enough. With my new found motivation, I began watching all sorts of tutorials, cosplay music videos, sewing tutorials, etc. I created a picture folder to put all of my ideas for which costumes I wanted to someday wear/make. The more I learned, the more excited I became. Eventually, I got my sewing machine from my mom’s house (it was my grandma’s and it was sitting in storage previously) and started shopping for some sewing essentials. The other day I got a package with fabric scissors, a pin cushion, pins, and safety pins. Seemingly unexciting things, but I was giddy opening that package up. I cannot wait to get started!
I’ve decided to do some practice sewing before I start any costumes. And even that will probably wait until after I’ve moved, for financial reasons. Also, I don’t want to move projects while I’m in the middle of them, you know?
I’m even thinking of starting a new blog just for cosplay stuff. I don’t know what I would call it or what type of stuff I would post until I started actually making stuff though. Most cosplayers have cosplay names, also. Something for me to think about, I suppose.

Anyways, I’ll try and keep you readers up to date as best as I can. PLEASE feel free to comment. WordPress tells me I have followers but I never hear from you! I don’t bite 🙂



It’s been awhile. Here’s what I’ve been up to

In list form

1. Failing my recital jury. With no string players on the panel. Therefore, I’m staying in school for another semester because I can’t redo in the same semester. It’s not like school costs anything so another semester isn’t a big deal
Also, I won’t be student teaching with my peers. Also shitty.
2. Practicing my ass off because of #1

3. Trying to get work. I’m still employed by the University Commons (basically, the school cafeteria) but I have gotten a total of 3 hours in the last three weeks. They just haven’t scheduled me. What the hell.

4. Writing. A lot. I got a novel in the works that I’m trying to finish.

5. Video games. Lord of the Rings Online, Pokemon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Metroid, etc

6. Celebrating my 4 year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend Michael 🙂 We went to Portland and stayed a couple of nights. We ate at Alexis (very authentic Greek food), Kells (Irish food!), and a haunted pizzeria where I captured the image of the ghost that haunts there! Her name is Nina (pronounced Nigh-na). Very awesome. We were also overwhelming happy with Powell’s bookstore. Michael was close to tears at the sight of so many books. He’s so cute 🙂

This next semester should be interesting since all I’m doing is lessons (capstone, recital) and possibly orchestra. Michael and I are looking to move a little closer to the schools in the Bethel district since he’s still subbing for them and I’ll be student teaching in that district. Finding a place is hard. Especially since I want my cat with me this year. I miss him!

I’ll try and write more often.


Award Winning Coffe

My boyfriend and I decided to try out a new (to us) coffee house for our next date. We have our usual place but I’d heard many good things about this place that I didn’t think it would hurt to check it out. After about 17 minutes, 9.5 miles away, we arrived at a coffee house called Metronome Coffee in Tacoma.
I was a little nervous about going, to be honest. A lot of the online reviews complained about the “hipster” vibe and if there’s something I can do without in my life it’s more hipsters judging me without knowing me. Regardless, we stepped in, excited to try something new.
Behind the counter were framed awards: “Best Coffee in Tacoma.” We’ll see about that, I though to myself.
The interior was very modern looking, a lot of hard angles and metallic decor. The man behind the counter had lines and dots of face paint on his cheeks and a stripped headed band around his head of blonde and black hair (I wish I was kidding about the hair). I wasn’t sure whether or not to take him seriously at first. Despite the initial impression that he didn’t care much for anyone or anything, he had great customer services skills and was very polite. I order a plain ol’ latte so I could get a feel for their coffee without any frivolous additions. Something that would give me a base line.
The initial taste was smooth. The milk didn’t suck away any attention from the coffee, it only added what is good about milk; it was creamy and slightly sweet. Usually, I feel like there’s too much milk and not enough coffee in a latte but Metronome got it right: more coffee, less milk. The coffee was bold but not overwhelming. I could taste all the subtle flavors. It smelled almost chocolate-y. I thought a little bit of sugar might ruin such a good latte but it only enhanced the experience, as if suddenly I was watching a movie in 3D or in IMAX rather than on my laptop.

Michael got a honey nut latte which was just as delicious as it sounds. The coffee shop had lots of seating and wasn’t overly loud, even though there were a lot of students there.

Overall I’d say it was well worth the drive. It was a damn good latte. I don’t know if that was a one time happening or if that’s the usual but I guess I’ll just have to go back again to find out!


p.s. I’ll write about my Emerald City Comicon experience soon! I have to find my camera full of pictures first!

I feel like writing

but I dunno what t write about.

Today was the first day of a week long break in between January Term and Spring Term. (January Term is when we take one class, intensively, for one month). Having nothing scheduled for today, I slept until 1:15 pm. I haven’t done that in years. I always feel a little silly when I sleep in that late.
Anyways, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself today. Two sets of plans for the evening fell through (for different, complicated reasons) so I found myself eating and watching movies and t.v. shows all day. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I just wish I had gotten something accomplished, even something small. Like laundry. Or a poem. Or a new recipe.

I was really tempted to clean the bathroom today. Yes, I had a random urge to wipe down ever surface of my bathroom. That just shows how much I didn’t have to do today. I only feel like cleaning when I’m extremely bored or there’s literally nothing else to worry about that day.
Usually those things go hand in hand.

I really want to do something with my hands. Build something. Or sew something. Or create something. I very much enjoy  a tactile experience in creating things.

One of my younger brothers called me today. He’s 17. He asked me what is meant to ask someone to be your valentine. I wasn’t really sure how to answer him. “I suppose it depends on who you’re asking. Different people will think different things,” I said, desperately trying to figure out a better answer while he explained his situation a little better. “To some people it could mean that you’re asking them out. To others it means ‘hey, will you share this special day with me and every it means?’ And to others it means free chocolate.” He seemed satisfied but I made sure to add “be sure you are ready to explain what it means to you though. She might want to know what you are expecting when you ask her to be your Valentine.”

I hope that helped him. He tried calling my dad but he didn’t answer. And Keven (an oldest of my younger brothers) was no help at all. Either way, I’m flattered that he asked me.

I think I’ll read some now. That always makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something with my day. 🙂



January’s Impatience and a Strange Dream

I feels like the New Year was only yesterday and I yet here I am, sitting on the twilight of January. I never even made New Year’s resolutions. I was going to, after reflecting on the ones I made in 2012. Unfortunately, I never made any resolutions in 2012. Makes sense I guess; 2012 didn’t feel like a very fulfilling year.

Don’t get me wrong, it had it’s moments. The best part of 2012 was my trip to Greece. (You can read more about that here: http://cmperkinsgreece2012.wordpress.com/) I missed Michael’s birthday because of it but he forgave me. He usually does. 2012 I turned 21 but the only thing that really changed was my ability to order a beer in a restaurant. I still don’t feel like an adult, no matter what the law says. I passed my conducting jury in 2012; it was exhilarating.

I think the most disappointing part of 2012 was summer. Usually summer means freedom and adventure and excitement. I never used to like summer. Michael helped me see the beauty of those in-between months. But summer 2012 was spent in a cave (I refuse to call it a house) where I accomplished little beyond reading a couple books. I was stuck in a neighborhood that didn’t have a lot going for it. Looking back, I could have taken the bus and gone on my own adventures but adventures aren’t quite as fun when there’s no one to remember them with you later.

And then there’s autumn 2012. Last semester was draining, to say the least. I think that is evident in my lack of posts on this blog. I was constantly busy with schoolwork and regular work and trying to maintain my sanity. There was no breathing room.

I went 5 months without finishing a single poem. I started many. Dozens, probably. But I never finished one. Until today, July 8, 2012 was the last time I posted a poem on my other blog (findingherforte.wordpress.com). Last night I had a dream and now that I’ve been awake for a couple of hours it’s fuzzy when I try to remember it.

The dream started in the city. And for whatever reason, I didn’t want to be in the city anymore. So suddenly I was on a balcony. I never really found out what the balcony was attached to (building wise). The railing was low enough so that when I was sitting criss-cross, I could still see everything that before me. (It wasn’t a very safe balcony, now that I think about it. The very short railing wasn’t stopping anyone from falling off.) I was very high up. My hands rested on my knees, palms up. This position is one I usually associate with yoga and breathing exercises. What lay before me was difficult…I knew what lay before me but when I tried to look up it I was blinded by a bright light (I assume the sun). Despite being unable to actually see it, I knew that this balcony looked over vast grassland with nothing man-made for miles. I could feel the gentle breeze and I knew the grass was swaying below me but it was far too bright. My eyes would water whenever I tried to open them (when they were closed, however, I felt no light against my eyelids). Suddenly, someone handed me sunglasses. When I put them on it actually made everything brighter. So I threw them aside. With my eyes still closed, someone beside me insisted that they describe what lay before me. I was frustrated: I already knew what lay before me. I only wanted to look upon it myself. Regardless, the person started to describe the scene.

He said that to the West (I was facing North) there was a mountain range where most of the snow had melted. To the East there was a river that merged with a large body of water, beyond the horizon and that on the other side of the river (even further east) was a forest. He insisted that we did not know what lived in this forest. In between these two, straight in front of me, was long grass and the occasional grassy hillside. As he explained each part I felt as if there was a film over my eyes and that holes were being torn in this film so that my mind’s eye was seeing everything he described. When I began to open my eyes I caught a glimpse of the brown mountains, grass, and rushing river. But before I could take it all in,  I woke up.

After I got home from class, I wrote a poem. It doesn’t coincide directly with the dream I had but having written it, I feel like I opened a blocked path in my flow of creative energy.

It feels wonderful.

And so, with that in mind, I would like to state 5 simple resolutions for this year:

1. Write at least one poem a month. No slacking off this year.

2. Go on more adventures. Let my spontaneity rule over reason every once in awhile. Live.

3. Read 5 new books this year. Or 10. Or 20. Just read more!

4. Expand my cooking knowledge

5. Be brave.